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Ecuadorian American Club (Ecua Club) was established in 1995 in Florida as a non profit organization under the 501 (c) (3) code of the Internal Revenue Service. Since then it has provided assistance to the children living in poverty in Ecuador. With your support these children can have better opportunities; they need friends like you to help them build a better world for themselves and make their dreams a reality.

Our organization receives donations from private companies and individuals willing to help us. We also organize fund raising events throughout the year. Our donations are distributed by our representatives residing in Ecuador, who make sure they are utilized for food, medicines, school supplies, clothing and other necessities that may arise for the children. Our members work very hard to reach the goals we have set forth and invite YOU to become a part of our organization and together accomplish our objectives to make a larger impact in the lives of the children. To obtain more information please go to our “Contact Us” page.

Following the tragic earthquake on April 16, 2016 the Ecuadorian American Club, in its support of the relief effort, received donations of cash, clothing and medicines. These donations were then given to the General Consulate of Ecuador in Miami, Florida for distribution to those affected by the earthquake in the different regions of Ecuador.

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It is very sad that even today there are still so many children in Ecuador and across the world living in sub poverty conditions. Even the smallest donation does make a difference in these children's lives.

We would like you to open your heart to these needy children and help them by making a donation. Ready to make a difference? Please go to our DONATE page where we have options available.

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